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How To Get More Laser Targeted Twitter Followers In Only 15 Minutes A Day

In today’s episode of #FreshMarketingTips I want to show you how I was able to grow my Twitter following by 11X. I am going to lay down the strategy, the tools, and the knowledge that you will need in order to be able to increase your Twitter following by a factor of 10 I did. This process is very simple, and only takes about 15 minutes per day to execute. If you can follow these 3 simple steps everyday, then you will surely be able to grow a large targeted following over time. It’s all about knocking out small chunks on a daily basis to curb the overwhelm.

The Secret 9 Steps To Leverage The Law Of Attraction In Your Goal Setting

If you’re like me, then you have probably seen the movie “The Secret”, and you have probably read the book. There are so many stories of people using the Law Of Attraction way of thinking to attract their innermost desires and lifestyle to them.

How To Start A Blogging Business – The 9 Step Freedom Formula – BFF EP1

In January of 2015, I attended an event in Las Vegas called “Revolution”. This event was hosted by a company called The Empower Network, and it was one of the most moving experiences that I have ever been a part of. I flew to Vegas from Colorado to attend the event because I have a dream to be able to create financial, spiritual, and time Freedom for my myself and the people that I love. I am creating my dream through online business systems and the power of blogging.

Blogging For Profit Exposed (Part 6) – Capture Pages To Build An Email List

When doing internet business, one of the biggest assets we can own is an email subscriber list of interested prospects that we can market our products, services, or opportunities to through a follow up process. A capture page is a very important piece in the automated internet marketing business system that I am teaching you how to build, and this is the piece that is going to turn your marketing into a lead that you can follow up with. This lead will then be available for you to put your offers in front of, show them the value of your solution, show how it integrates and solves their problems, alleviates their pains, and plays to their desired outcome.

Blogging For Profit Exposed (Part 5) – Attraction Marketing And Lead Magnets

Attraction marketing is bringing like minded people into your circles and building responsiveness with them. The process of attraction marketing is best put to use through blogging. Blogging is a way of communicating digital information through the written word, audio, and video.

If you’re like I was a few years ago, then you are a network marketer who is looking for a way to use the internet to recruit more reps into your business.

You’ve probably burned through your list of friends and family, and now you’ve run out of people to talk to. I know how that feels. I remember pitching my parents on the 3rd network marketing business that I tried.

Crush It On YouTube Like Amy Schmittauer With Personal Branding And Viral Marketing

Would you rather read about something you’re interested in, or would you rather watch a video? I’m gonna throw both of my hands way way up in the air. My two votes are for video.

I want to introduce you to Amy Schmittauer. Amy is a vlog boss! She has built a blogging platform and a business around creating extremely valuable, in your face, and incredibly insightful videos. She then promotes and syndicates her videos on her blog, and through the many social media channels out there…twitter, facebook, snapchat, youtube, etc…

9 Impactful Quotes By Highly Successful Bloggers And Marketers

Have you ever been struggling to figure out what you want to blog about for the day? Do you stumble around in your mind, searching for a topic, but end up getting nothing done? That happens to me all the time.

The goal of a good blog post is to communicate real and valuable information to your reader, and I know first hand that if you can’t come up with a really good blog post then the whole process gets backed up and it usually ends with a shout and the towel being thrown in.

Fortunately for the blogger nation, we have access to this really cool thing called the…

How Making A Mistake That I Couldn’t Fix Changed My Life

Have you ever made a decision and then a week or so later you realized that you probably made a mistake?

I’m willing to bet that you have. If you’re like me then you’ve probably made a gazillion mistakes like that. We’re all human right? Sometimes when we realize that we made a mistake, we can fix it and keep moving forward. However, sometimes we make a mistake that we can’t fix, and we have to buck up and deal with it.

3 Awesome Tools To Create Blog Images For Free With No Tech Skills

When I was first learning to blog, I was completely overwhelmed and frustrated.
I was really bad at creating high quality and relevant images for my blog posts.

I had purchased an online marketing success course so I could learn how to generate leads and recruit new members into my network marketing opportunity. That course taught me that I needed to start and maintain a blog in order to be able to attract people to me who wanted to be involved in my opportunity.
Looking back on my experiences then…


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